8 commands to know (and use)

Google Nest connected speakers allow you to perform countless actions, with very useful everyday controls. Here are some.

“OK Google” may already be a part of your daily life, but chances are that Google Assistant can still do some things you don’t know it can, like offer you a recipe in the kitchen, start your robot vacuum, or translate a foreign language in real time. Google’s Nest range of smart speakers can do a whole lot of things, including things the Amazon Echo and Apple Siri can’t.

Here are some essential commands that you might want to use very regularly.

manage the light

Equipping your home (or even a single room) with bulbs and other connected lights is a good way to take advantage of Google Home or Nest. These bulbs are more expensive than normal bulbs, but being able to control everything by voice or via the smartphone is life changing. “OK Google, turn on the light” and the light turns on in the room. “OK Google, turn off the light”. You can even fine-tune brightness and color.

To add new lighting equipment, go to the Home app then Add > Configure a device > New device > Next and follow the instructions on the screen.

Manage the temperature

With a Nest Thermostat, you can fine-tune the temperature in your home from a distance. Once the accessory is added in the Google Home app, you can ask Google to set the thermostat to a particular temperature. You can also make incremental changes: “OK Google, raise the temperature by 1 degree.”

You can also control the thermostat from the app, by tapping on the thermostat icon and then “change temperature”. Even better, the Nest Thermostat learns from your habits and adapts. For example, it will lower the temperature when you go to bed and raise it when you get up. It can also remind you to change your air filter.

Alarms and other countdowns

Asking Google to wake you up in the morning is easier than setting an alarm on your smartphone or a regular alarm clock. Say “OK Google, set an alarm on [heure désirée]”. To stop it when it rings, just say “Stop”.

And you can also use timers: “OK Google, set a timer of [délai désiré]”. To make it stop ringing, again just say “stop”.

Music, News & Podcasts

To play your favorite songs and other podcasts, make sure your streaming app – YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora or Deezer – is linked to the Google Home app. Once done, just say “OK Google, play [ce que vous voulez]”. It works with specific titles, singers, playlists or even genres. To end playback, say “OK Google, stop the music”.

You can also use the smart speaker for podcasts, but you must request the specific podcast. And if you stopped in the middle of an episode, playback picks up where it left off.

For news and current affairs, you can customize your favorite sources on the Google Home app and change the order in which they are announced.

Weather forecast

Will you need an umbrella today? Is it really cold? Ask Google what the weather is like and the Assistant will give you the current temperature and forecast for the day. Google can even give you forecasts for the coming weekend and the following week.

Make cleaning easier

Google Nest is compatible with most robot vacuums that have an app. Depending on the manufacturer and model, you can use Google Assistant and a Nest speaker to start cleaning, stop it, or pause it. It is even possible to ask to clean a specific room or to locate it if you no longer know where it is.

Find movies in nearby cinemas

When you ask “OK Google, what movies are nearby?”, Google will list the movies and ask you what you’re interested in. From there, you can even choose a session and, if necessary, go as far as paying for the place.

speak a new language

Google Home can translate up to 50 languages ​​in real time, which can be very handy in many situations.

To switch Google Assistant to interpreter mode, simply ask what you want to translate: “OK Google, translate Japanese into Dutch”, “OK Google, I need an interpreter for English” or “ OK Google, what is the Korean word for ‘hotel’?”

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