Record-Breaking Earthquake Swarm Hits Antarctica as Sleeping Volcano Awakens

A long-dormant underwater volcano near Antarctica has woken up, triggering a swarm of 85,000 earthquakes. The swarm, which began in August 2020 and subsidized by November of that year, is the strongest earthquake activity ever recorded in the region. And the quakes were likely caused by a “finger” of hot magma poking into the crust, … Read more

the Best of Book under the magnifying glass

For several years, we have noticed that individual investors often wonder about the fact that institutional traders would benefit from preferential conditions for placing orders on the stock market, whereas, on the contrary, individual traders would not have access to them. In reality, the European financial regulation (MiFID II), whose objective is to protect investors … Read more

Google Cloud launches Media CDN based on YouTube’s network

With the Media CDN platform for the media sector, Google Cloud combines YouTube’s global network infrastructure with content analysis and enhancement tools to speed up and streamline video streams. More and more cloud providers are verticalizing their offers by targeting specific sectors. This is the case of Google Cloud, which has just launched Media CDN … Read more

Tutti Pizza expects to reach 100 pizzerias in 2022

Created in Toulouse about thirty years ago, the Tutti Pizza franchise continues to grow in France. With approximately 75 establishments spread over the whole of the national territory, the network plans toreach 100 units before 2023. Tutti Pizza intends to strengthen its presence, particularly in Bordeaux but also offers other location opportunities all over France. … Read more

Loud boom and streaking fireball stirs panic in three US states | news

A loud boom prefaced a streaking fireball spotted in three Southern states, scientists confirmed Thursday. More than 30 people in Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi reported seeing the exceptionally bright meteor in the sky around 8am Wednesday after hearing loud booms in Claiborne county, Mississippi, and surrounding areas, NASA reported. It was first spotted 54 miles … Read more