Contaminated Buitoni pizzas: compensation offered with 20 euro vouchers

53 cases of contamination with E.Coli bacteria have been identified since February after ingesting a Buitoni brand frozen pizza.- Photo:

Since February, the Buitoni company has been in turmoil after a health scandal. Around 50 children fell ill after eating the brand’s pizza. Two children died. Frozen products were contaminated with E.Coli bacteria.

Sunday April 24, in the columns of the voice of the North, at least one victim and the lawyer for the affected families have made new charges. Some families were reportedly contacted by the company, which offered them compensation, for the “inconveniencesuffered. Compensation in the form of… vouchers for 20 euros. The mother of a six-year-old girl claims to have received such a voucher after being contacted by telephone by Buitoni.

“This is the biggest health scandal of the last twenty years”

Me Richard Legrand, family lawyer

At this stage of the investigation, Buitoni does not have access to confidential information, subject to medical secrecy.“Comments Me Richard Legrand, lawyer for the families of victims interviewed by the northern daily. “It is essential that the families be able to obtain reparation and that justice be able to shed light on this whole affair. It is the biggest health scandal of the last twenty years”.

A judicial inquiry was opened on March 22 after the contamination of several children and an adult with E. Coli bacteria at the end of February. Public Health France has identified 53 cases, two of which resulted in deaths. Some of these contaminations are linked to the ingestion of Buitoni brand pizzas. These were produced in a factory located in Caudry (Nord), near Cambrai. The structure has since been closed by the northern prefecture.

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