Epic Games is seeking an injunction to prevent Google from removing the Bandcamp app due to its proprietary billing system.

PARIS, April 29 (Benin News / EP) –

epic games filed an application for interim injunctive relief to prevent Google delete app band camp from its Play Store for not using the company’s billing system, which it should have implemented by June 1.

Bandcamp is a music streaming platform for independent artists. The company was acquired by Epic Games at the beginning of last March, and has been using its own non-Android billing system since 2015.

Bandcamp co-founder and CEO, Ethan Diamondexplains in a statement that this was made possible by Google’s rules which, until now, exempted music platforms from using Google’s billing system and allowed them to use their own.

Google is changing its policies to require Bandcamp (and other similar “apps”) to use the following technologies exclusively Google Play Billing to pay for digital goods and services,” says Diamond. This includes paying a percentage of profits to Google for the use of its digital store, the Play Store.

The music streaming platform has until June 1 to comply with Google’s new rules. Diamond says Bandcamp has several options on the table. One of them is to charge Google’s fees to its users, which would make Android “a less attractive platform”.

Another solution is to let the artists bear these costs, which he assures would never consider doing. The last two alternatives are, on the one hand, to keep the “application” on Android losing money or to disable sales in the Android ecosystem.

Mr. Diamond adds that policy changes introduced by Google would prevent Bandcamp from paying artists within 24-48 hours of a sale and instead would take 15-45 days to get paid.

For the aforementioned reasons, Epic Games has filed for an injunction, which it hopes will buy it time and get results. prevent Google from removing the app and prevent it from downloading updates from the Play Store.

As stated in the text of the request, the development studio “intends” to reach an agreement with Google not to implement the change, and if it does not succeed, to take legal action “ to temporarily prevent Google from implementing the June 1, 2022 policy change pending resolution of these queries.”

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