Faced with the shortage in the United States, Nestlé will import infant milk from Switzerland

The manufacturer will send hypoallergenic milk by air to the United States, its first market, where the shortage is turning into a health and political crisis.

Faced with the shortage of baby milk in the United States, the Swiss food giant Nestlé will send infant formula by air from Switzerland and the Netherlands, a spokeswoman for the group told AFP on Tuesday. . The Swiss group will specifically import two brands of hypoallergenic milk, the shortage being an additional source of stress for parents of babies intolerant to cow’s milk proteins.

“We prioritized these products because they address critical medical needs”, said a spokeswoman for the group to AFP, confirming press information. These two brands of hypoallergenic milk are already usually imported from the Netherlands, for Gerber Good Start Extensive HA milk, and from Switzerland for Alfamino milk.

But faced with the shortage, the group decided to send them by plane “to meet immediate needs”said the spokesperson for the group, which also has two factories in the United States for the production of infant milk.

File followed at the White House

Initially caused by problems in the supply chain and a lack of labor due to the pandemic, the shortage worsened when in February a factory of the manufacturer Abbott in Michigan closed, after a recall of products suspected of having caused the death of two babies.

The US Drug Administration (FDA) cleared the milk, but issued a form called “483about irregularities with the plant, Abbott said on Friday, adding that he had “immediately” started to implement corrective measures.

Monday, Abbott reached an agreement with the American justice to be able to restart production in this factory. The White House is for its part in continuous communication with the four main manufacturers, including Nestlé but also Reckitt, Abbott and Perrigo in order to identify the obstacles in terms of transport, logistics and suppliers in order to be able to increase production and guarantee quickly get products to retailers.


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