for the Creuse workers, the heat quickly becomes unbearable

“It’s a real furnace“, explains Eric, cook at the Rochefort pub in Guéret. This Saturdaytemperatures reached 39 degrees in the department. And for those like Eric who have to work, the heat can quickly become stifling. “When all the appliances are on, you can easily reach 50 degrees in the kitchen. It’s hard to deal with.”

And in the kitchen of Mamma Pizza, it’s the same thing. Alexandre and three of his colleagues are nevertheless busy in this heat to serve everyone. “It’s quite unbearable, us here, we have the oven which heats up a lot, we have the pasta machine which also blows out a lot of hot air… And it’s still a small space, even if there’s room behind it. So we’re in the heat all day.”

However, they are trying to find solutions so as not to suffer too much from this heat.r. “We bought a small air conditioning unit which is not of much use in the end. We do as we can. We have bottles of water in the cold room, behind, for the team. And then we try to take the air as soon as we can, when we have a moment.”

Avoid heatstroke

And when we works outdoors, it is not better. Stéphane is a farmer, in his tractor, he has air conditioning, but as soon as he gets out, he suffers from the heat wave.“You have to walk around with a bottle of water, if possible be covered, and you have to be a little attentive to your body. Otherwise, it’s heat stroke. And when you’re all alone, no one finds you you have to be careful.”

To avoid this famous blow of heat, some fairgrounds present at the Trinity Day decided, Saturday evening, not to open their attractions before 7 p.m.

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