Frédérique Bel denounces “a return to the Middle Ages”

The actress Frédérique Bel was the guest of the Matinale weekend of RMC. Committed to the right to abortion, she denounces “a return to the Middle Ages” in the United States, where this right risks being challenged by the Supreme Court.

“It gives me chills, it’s so dramatic.” Actress Frédérique Bel is outraged after the recent leak of a draft decision from the US Supreme Court. This cancels the “Roe vs. Wade” judgment which guarantees the right of American women to dispose of their bodies throughout the country, therefore the right to abortion, in the name of the right to privacy.

Committed to the right to abortion, she says she thinks “of all the women who are not going to want to keep their child and who are going to be forced to have an abortion alone at home with knitting needles or coat hangers.”

“It’s terrible, we thought it was an acquired freedom: it’s the result of Trump’s policy, with all the contempt and misogyny towards women. It’s a throwback to the Middle Ages.”

The poorest women impacted

The text of the draft decision, if ratified, would bring the United States back to the situation prior to the “Roe vs. Wade” judgment, and would allow a State that so wishes to ban abortion on its territory. . Half of the American states could do it according to a study by the “Center for Reproductive Rights”.

This victory for the conservatives, the majority in the Supreme Court since Trump, would first impact “the poorest women” according to Frédérique Bel: “they do not necessarily have the money to go and have an abortion elsewhere nor the desire to a child if they cannot feed it.”

She also thinks of women alone with their babies, who have not been able to abort “find themselves having to take four jobs to be able to feed their offspring” as well as “victims of incest, rape, who will end up with children unwanted.”

Faced with these challenges to the right to abortion, the actress believes that it is “terrible” that it is certain women who question it, targeting in particular the Maltese Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament. It also points to the still important role of religion in our modern democracies and wishes for a real separation between the State and religions.

“If cats could talk, I think they would say to leave them alone”

After the “pro-life” demonstrations in Paris in 2014 and 2017, Frédérique Bel had published artistic photos showing parts of her body: “I had put a mouth in a cache-sex and I was asked why? Because “She’s mad, she wants to talk. If cats could talk, I think they’d say to leave them alone,” she explains.

This social campaign that she had launched also made it possible to convey the feminist message that she carries in a roundabout way: “with the post of a pseudo-erotic photo, the men had shared it a lot and it was a way to circumvent misogyny by using female power and femininity to convey a feminist message.”

The origins of a commitment

The actress of “What did we do to the good god” explains that her commitment comes from school, when she had “accompanied a friend to family planning”. “Since then, whenever someone wanted to have an abortion, I was asked to help them.”

In front of her, relatives, “young tearful girls” who almost even changed their lives:

“They almost sacrificed their destiny, who do not necessarily want to have to stop their studies, have a child with their first boyfriend. I remember the family planning in Mâcon, they saw me there often.”

For her, this right must be “enshrined in the constitution”, so that women can have the choice to do what they want with their bodies: “people vote to elect people who will set them free, not to reduce freedoms and reduce women to an object of reproduction.”

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