Google Chrome on Android could reintroduce the “Restore all tabs” function

Tabs pile up in your browser like a mountain of dirty laundry you piled up in your laundry room. It would be a shame not to be able to easily restore all those Chrome tabs so important for work, studies and your favorite online entertainment.

Well, while users have the option to automatically restore all their closed Google Chrome tabs on PC and Chromebook, the same cannot be said for the Android version of the app. Fortunately, there is a chance that this will change in the future.

This old/new “Restore All Tabs” feature has just been spotted as a flag experimental added in Chromium Gerrit. The additions seem to be really recent, however, there is no clear information on when Chrome for Android will receive this update, as Android Headlines reports.

The first place the “Restore All Tabs” feature would appear should be the canary version of google chromewhich is where experiments with the app are done almost every day.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can download the Canary version of Google’s browser yourself from the Play Store, but remember that this is not a stable version of the app, and you so you may encounter some bugs and problems.

An essential step

Restoring your multiple tabs on Android should be very similar to the process on the PC and Chromebook versions of the app. In other words, all you need to do is go to “Recently Closed” under the Recent Tabs section, and voila, you can get your precious pile of tabs back.

If the feature does eventually make its way to Chrome on Android, chances are it’ll also be able to fully restore group-open tabs, something users still have to do manually to this day.

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