Google: settings to refine the advertising display according to its favorite brands

The presentation of new hardware (Pixel 6a and 7, Pixel Watch, tablet) could have occupied an entire keynote, but Google stuffed the inauguration of its developer conference with a gaggle of announcements in all directions .

The search engine has thus taken stock of several new features concerning data security and confidentiality. Users of Google services will thus be able to access a panel allowing them to adjust their “advertising preferences” (My Ad Center).

These settings, which will appear in October, will be used to choose the brands and areas of interest for which we accept or not to receive advertisements. A way to better personalize these ads. By the way, Google kills two birds with one stone: filling in these settings will allow the company to refine your advertising profile!

Another novelty probably more interesting and important: an interface to report to Google the presence of personal information that you want to delete. This tool will be available in the coming months, directly from the Google application, via the menu with three small dots next to individual searches.

Finally, another significant measure, the two-step verification becomes automatic for all Google accounts, in order to reduce the risk of phishing. Last year, 150 million accounts activated this type of validation, waiting for a future without a password.

Apple, Google and Microsoft are working with the FIDO alliance to eliminate passwords


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