In Eure, the manager of Pizza Manu sentenced to 14 years in prison for rape

The manager of Pizza Manu was sentenced to 14 years of criminal imprisonment by the Court of Assizes of Evreux, Thursday May 5, 2022. (©Publihebdos)

A relief for the victims, Thursday, May 5, 2022. “We have been heard”, they rejoice in tears, surrounded by their spouses, brothers and sisters and grand children, at the exit of the courtroom. After several hours of deliberation, the six jurors of the Court of Assizes of Évreux rendered their decision: Jean-Claude Gorzela, 53, is sentenced to 14 years in prison with a warrant for having raped, sexually assaulted and harassed, from 2015 to 2018, four former employees of its Pizza Manu establishments, in Beuzeville and in Saint-Maclou, in theEure. According to his lawyer, however, he intends to appeal.

14 years of criminal imprisonment, this is the sentence demanded and obtained by the Advocate General, Maître Mameri, with the registration in the file of perpetrators of sexual offences, a sentence of ineligibility of 5 years and the permanent ban on running businesses.

“Feeling of omnipotence”

This magistrate had reconsidered the testimonies of the four former employees.

We are on a path where the credibility of the victims, in my opinion, cannot be called into question. Is there a single victim? No, there are four, over a period of time. For one, we are on a very high level of gravity.

Master MameriGeneral Counsel

Master Mameri had described a “over-dependency” victims to their employer because of their precariousness and their life course of which he was aware, and the “operating mode” of the boss who began with nicknames, continued with touching, and ended up granting himself “a right to cuissage like a feudal lord” on some of his employees. All added to a “feeling of omnipotence” because after being questioned for the first time by the gendarmes in 2016, the manager repeated the facts until 2018.

The public prosecutor had swept away the version of the pizza maker who claimed to have “extramarital relations” with two of the employees, and denied the other facts: “These relationships are not based on anything except his assertions. No testimony affirms that they would have had a seductive behavior, nothing which constitutes the substance of a sentimental relationship. And relatives of the victims say that their physique was deteriorating, not like when you start a love story. »

“Things I Didn’t Do”

Until the end of the trial, Jean-Claude Gorzela’s lawyer held his position. He stressed in his pleading that there was “insufficient evidence of Mr. Gorzela’s guilt. We just have the victim impact statements and the psychologists’ reports. The defense also pointed to the uncertainty of the victims on two dates. The Advocate General justified: “Victims of facts of a sexual nature want to put the facts at a distance and this desire has an impact on memory. »

Just before the verdict of this trial, Jean-Claude Gorzela, who intends to appeal, declared: “If there are things on which I am guilty, it is of being too tactile, of using words which could be perverse. Telling me that I have a sentence for things I didn’t do really hurts. »

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After the verdict, the court sentenced the manager to pay damages and interests : €20,000 and €18,000 for the two victims of rape, and €10,000 and €5,000 for the victims of sexual assault. As well as €18,000 in legal costs in all.

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