In Mende, it is now possible to eat a pizza at any time thanks to the distributor

A new machine has been installed in Mende, avenue de Ramilles. The fourth in Lozère for entrepreneur Fabien Solignac. An offer that complements more traditional establishments.

Hot pizza anytime, day or night. This is the promise of Fabien Solignac and his four distributors based in Chanac, Peyre-en-Aubrac, Saint-Chély-d’Apcher and, since January 28, in Mende, at 34 avenue de Ramilles.

70 pizzas per device

Franchisee Gang of Pizza, the 55-year-old man, former communicator, is in full professional retraining: I saw a report on M6, in February 2021, explains the entrepreneur. I said to myself “That’s what I want to do”. I mounted a business plan with my accountant and I launched my first machine, in June, in Chanac, where I have lived for twenty years.”

The least we can say is that Fabien Solignac and his wife, who joined him in the adventure, are getting their hands dirty. Every morning at 6 a.m., the two partners set up in their laboratory, where they make between 100 and 150 pizzas. The majority of revenues are those of the franchise. Neo-pizzaiolos can also innovate. A two-and-a-half hour tour follows to supply the four aircraft. Each contains up to 70 dishes, marketable for 72 hours.

A service that did not exist

For the Chanacois, the objective is not to compete with traditional pizzerias. He has invested an unoccupied niche: “I’m bringing a service that didn’t exist in Lozère. There’s even an application for booking and paying, with contactless withdrawal. My customers are truck drivers, salespeople, night owls… The machine will never reproduce the work of an artisan. However, my pizzas are made with good products, PDO cheeses, Italian flour and even with honey from Lozère.”

Jacky Pirrera, manager of Notto’s, an Italian restaurant on rue Charles-Morel, in Mende, even welcomes this initiative: “It’s good that there is an offer for those who need a product instantly. On the other hand, without disparaging anything, these are not pizzas made according to the rules of the art. The dough must be made in advance. It matures. It ferments. A real pizza, like at home, is made at the last moment, in a very hot oven.” It’s up to the consumer to choose.

Simple and fast

First positive aspect: the deadlines are respected. In three minutes, the Alsacienne that we ordered on Monday, January 31, comes out of the oven. The pizza is well filled. The cream base is tasty.

Its only small flaw: the whole thing is a little too salty. The device, with its large touch screen, is easy and pleasant to use. In summary, this pizza vending machine is a good way to eat quickly and hot, for cheap.

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