More than $7 billion worth of US military equipment remained behind

The American military officially left Afghanistan in August 2021. With this departure, the army left behind 7.12 billion dollars (6.75 billion euros) in military equipment which has now been recovered by the Taliban , reports CNN relayed by Capital. According to the Congress report that established this figure, the Ministry of Defense would also have no intention of returning to the country to “recover or destroy” this equipment.

In the arsenal left behind, there are notably 78 planes, 9,524 air-to-ground munitions, 42,000 pieces of equipment, 300,000 weapons, and 40,000 military vehicles.

Only equipment donated to Afghan forces

In total, in 16 years of presence there, from 2005 to 2021, the United States has donated 18.6 billion dollars (17.67 billion euros) of equipment to the ANDSF (National Defense and Security Forces Afghans).

This amount therefore only includes the equipment provided to the Afghan armies, and not that which was used by the American military forces and which was “repatriated or destroyed” during the withdrawal of the troops, according to the details of Rob Lodewick, carrier. word of the Department of Defense.

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