mysterious dolls found on beaches in Texas

Researchers at a nature reserve have been finding mysterious dolls on beaches in Texas for a year and a half. A sea current that pushes the waste could explain this phenomenon.

These are scenes worthy of a horror movie. Dolls with dismembered bodies, broken eyes, silted up, clinging to seaweed and full of molluscs. For a year and a half, American researchers from the natural reserve of the Aransas national estuarine research reserve have found dolls stranded on beaches in Texas, as reported by the local daily. Star Telegram.

Researchers study marine mammals, and coastal marine life and collect dozens of dolls along more than 60 kilometers of coastline from northern Padre Island to Matagorda Island. They have fun sharing their discoveries on their Facebook page with photos, each scarier than the next.

A sea current that catches the debris

If this phenomenon of mass stranding remains unexplained for the moment according to the researchers, it could be linked to a cargo of toys lost at sea. Similar accidents happen frequently. In France, for example, nearly 200 pieces of “Garfield” phones had washed up on beaches in Brittany in 2019.

On the other hand, toys do not end up on these beaches by chance. A sea current in the Gulf of Mexico catches debris and waste that ends up in the sea, according to a two-year study by UT Marine Science Institute.

An auction for sea turtles

The director of the nature reserve, Jace Tunnell says that “coastal beaches in Texas receive ten times more waste than any other beach in the Gulf of Mexico”.

But these strandings of dolls are not only intended to scare the general public. After the craze on their Facebook page, researchers at the marine reserve decided to put the toys up for auction to fund their sea turtle conservation programs. Count 35 dollars, about 33 euros, to get a sand doll.

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