Nintendo: Switch sales exceed PS4 in the United States!

The Switch continues to break records! While Nintendo is losing numbers, its console is ahead of the PS4 in the United States!

The Switch was therefore not just a confinement effect! While Nintendo shows a 20% drop in sales between 2021 and 2022, the health of its economy is not the same on each continent. In the United States, its console already exceeds the PS4. MCETV explains everything!

A sharp decline over one year

Because the brand knew it, his console will start to sell less. Buyers already have it, the improvements do not require them to buy a new one… not to mention the shortage of electronic components which forces them to revise downwards.

Thus, Nintendo has expected to sell 25 million Switches over the fiscal year 2021-2022. Then the brand revised its ambitions downwards, counting on 24 million. Finally, “only” a little more than 23 million consoles have found takers in the world.

But these sales, which remain colossal, hide a disparity. Indeed, the Switch, for example, still sells well in the USA. Over the fiscal year, the brand thus managed to sell as much as the year before… A real, very symbolic perf.

Indeed, the brand exceeds another symbol: the PS4. Released four years earlier, the PS4 had managed to keep fourth place among the best-selling consoles in the USA… But Nintendo is sending a message to Sony by passing ahead.

While the brand celebrated the milestone of 100 million of consoles sold in the world, this is very symbolic good news for her: the Switch is among the four consoles that have best marketed of all time in the USA.

Nintendo: what will be next?

the NPD Group, which gives the sales figures for consoles around the world, believes that over 107 million Switches have been purchased on the planet. It must also be said that the Japanese have largely contributed to this success.

But Nintendo therefore does not only seem to be a prophet in his country. While the DS remains the best-selling portable console of all time, the brand is chasing another record: that of the console that brought in the most money in the USA.

In effect, the United States remains fairly oriented towards XBox and Play Station. The Switch therefore achieves a feat by exceeding the sales of the PS4… But we must now hunt the PS2. Because the Sony console remains very far ahead, at the top of sales!

To USA, the top three remains composed of old consoles : the PS2, the Xbox 360, then the Wii. Nintendo therefore sits in third and fourth place… But its CEO has announced it, its Switch has not not even reached half of its lifespan !

The Japanese brand therefore intends to seek the first place in the world. But also the first place in the USA. As for the PS5, flagship of PlayStation, she suffers for the moment from the comparison. Because its sales remain quite far.

The Xbox Series and the Switch have indeed sold better since the start of 2021… Sony will therefore have to find a strategy to seek out its competitors. Because they don’t seem to want to wait for it!

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