On Google, searches for this word explode

In exponential multiplication in recent years, cases of burnout have been favored by the health crisis linked to the coronavirus since 2020. The phenomenon due to the isolation resulting from teleworking or experienced head-on by caregivers, doctors or psychologists , was particularly highlighted. Slate thus reports an OpinionWay survey, carried out in France in September and October 2021, which reports a 25% increase in cases compared to May 2021.

Without necessarily being linked to a possible increase in cases of burn-out, searches for the term “burn-out” on Google would at least be strongly correlated with it. They would have increased tellingly. The Google Trends tool revealed this increase in searches.

Greater visibility of cases of burnout

The media Quartz wondered if cases of burnout are really increasing or if more and more people are interested in this phenomenon, for example by typing it into a search engine. Interest in the subject has seen an evident growth, both online and in real life. Burnout and its consequences are in fact more and more regularly highlighted and taken into account in the analysis of the problems encountered by employees in their workplace.

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