AI reveals unsuspected math underlying search for exoplanets

This artist’s concept depicts a planetary system. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms trained on real astronomical observations now outperform astronomers in sifting through massive amounts of data to find new exploding stars, identify new types of galaxies and detect the mergers of massive stars, accelerating the rate of new discovery in the world’s oldest … Read more

Forex trading scams: the AMF and the ACPR warn about the services offered by Omega Pro Ltd

Omega Pro Ltd Unauthorized Forex Trading Offers The Financial Markets Authority (AMF) and the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR), which had already blacklisted the site in 2020, are adding another site belonging to the same company, Businessempire. fr, which also offers trading services on Forex, the currency market, without authorization. Following numerous testimonials … Read more

In the spotlight: the United States in shock after the carnage in an elementary school in Texas

Published on : 05/25/2022 – 14:52 Here is America plunged back into the endless nightmare of mass shootings in schools “, Write the washington postjust ten days after the racist carnage in Buffalo, yesterday’s shooting at Ulvade Elementary School is the ” Worst school massacre since Sandy Hook 10 years ago “, underlines for his … Read more

All about the AvaTrade trading broker

AvaTrade has been an online trading platform since 2006. Now it is referred to as the international financial market. The broker reports over 200,000 clients with over $1 billion in daily trading volume. Introducing AvaTrade The broker has existed since 2006 and has grown rapidly, in the light of the advent of digital and the … Read more

United States: the specter of recession

L’Shares of US retail giant Target plunged 38% in one month on the New York Stock Exchange. Investors are worried about the consequences of inflation, which has reached record levels in the United States for forty years (8.3% in April), on household consumption and, consequently, on the future profits of the business. Faced with soaring … Read more

Innovative Diffractive Solar Sail Funded by NASA Could Take Science to Exciting New Destinations

Diffractive solar sails, depicted in this conceptual illustration, could enable missions to hard-to-reach places, like orbits over the Sun’s poles. Credit: MacKenzi Martin ace[{” attribute=””>NASA’s exploration continues to push boundaries, a new solar sail concept has been selected by the agency for development toward a demonstration mission that could carry science to new destinations. The … Read more

NZD/USD: the RBNZ wants to accelerate its monetary tightening

The RBNZ boosts its dollar by opting for an acceleration of its monetary tightening The New Zealand dollar jumped against the major currencies on Wednesday morning after the RBNZ decided to accelerate the pace of its monetary tightening. The RBNZ unsurprisingly raised its official bank rate by 50 basis points to 2.0%, its highest level … Read more