Google’s Fitbit Ionic Recall Doesn’t Go Far Enough, Lawsuit Says

In March, Google announced it was voluntarily recalling 1.7 million Fitbit Ionic smartwatches following reports of 78 burns. Now, a recently filed lawsuit says the recall didn’t go far enough, claiming the same defect affects all of Google’s Fitbit devices. According to court documents, all Fitbit smartwatches and fitness trackers share the same flaw – … Read more

James Webb Space Telescope faces crucial test of thermal stability

NASA’s new deep-space observatory will soon move between hot and cold in a crucial test of its infrared viewing capabilities. The James Webb Space Telescope, which just finished its alignment phase last week with sharp images of distant stars, is preparing a thermal stability test. This daring gauntlet will deliberately turn the observatory between positions … Read more

Trading for beginners: what do you need to know?

Before investing with a trading platform, you should first be aware that trading in financial markets involves risks. For this, you must acquire enough knowledge to deal with market fluctuations and speculate successfully! Choose the right online broker When it comes to beginner trading for investing in the stock market, you should know that choosing … Read more

Amazon will financially help its employees who would have to travel for an abortion

Since this fall, many American companies have expressed their support, internally or publicly, for the right of women to have an abortion. Amazon will now reimburse the travel expenses of its American employees for certain non-critical medical procedures, including abortions, while several conservative states have passed laws restricting access to voluntary abortions. The e-commerce giant, … Read more

Brisk walking pace results in ‘younger biological age,’ possibly adding years to your life: study

Walking fast every day will help you live longer, a new study indicates. A brisk pace is associated with longer telomeres, a biological-age genetic marker, and so a lifetime of speedy walking could add years to your life – possibly many years. The research concludes that “brisk walkers have up to 20 years’ greater life … Read more