The United States starts the anti-Covid vaccination of toddlers

It is the first country in the world to offer messenger RNA vaccine injections for children under five. The United States started its Covid vaccination campaign for under-fives on Tuesday, June 21, a step welcomed by some parents, who want to protect their children from the worst consequences of the virus. Read alsoCovid-19: towards a … Read more

the United States struggling with climate disasters

Nearly 120 million Americans were affected to one degree or another by the heat wave that hit parts of the Midwest and Southeast of the country. Floods, devastating fires, thunderstorms and a potentially dangerous heat wave for a third of the population: the United States suffered the brunt of a series of disasters linked to … Read more

You can see 5 planets align this month in a rare astronomical conjunction

Earthlings are able to see five of their closest planetary neighbors all lined up in a row this month. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are aligned in their natural order across the morning sky in a rare conjunction. In astronomical terms, conjunction is when two or more objects appear to line up in the … Read more

NASA Releases Video Game to Celebrate Upcoming Space Telescope

A sampling of the gameplay.gif: NASA/Gizmodo NASA is drumming up excitement for the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope with a super-retro 8-bit inspired video game, and it’s honestly really fun. In the game, players are Roman Space Telescope operators that have to collect different celestial objects ranging from exoplanets to dark matter. What is the … Read more

Russia Threatens to Hijack German Space Telescope

A view of the eROSITA X-ray telescope prior to final packing in its carbon fiber structure. Photo: MPE Russia’s space agency has announced its intention to unilaterally sixteen control of a German telescope mounted to a Russian-built spacecraft. It’s a terrible, irresponsible idea, as even Russian scientists will admit. The German developer of the eROSITA … Read more

The First Privately Funded Killer Asteroid Spotter Is Here

Gigantic asteroids have smashed into the Earth before—RIP dinosaurs—and if we’re not watching out for all those errant space rocks, they could crash into our world again, with devastating consequences. That’s why Ed Lu and Danica Remy of the Asteroid Institute started a new project to track as many of them as possible. Lu, a … Read more

When to Watch the Tau Herculid Meteor Shower

Photo: sripphoto (Shutterstock) Meteors aren’t rare: There are space particles falling toward Earth constantly, and if you look closely for long enough on any given evening, you’re likely to see one or more streaking through the darkness. However, meteor showers that light up the night sky for minutes or hours at a time are much … Read more

This Space Rock’s Weird Chemistry Suggests It Came From a Supernova

In 1996, a rock from space was found in southwestern Egypt’s Great Sand Sea. The rock was odd, even by extraterrestrial standards, and a team of researchers studying the rock’s chemistry now propose that it came from a supernova—the brilliant, explosive collapse of a star. The rock is named Hypatia, after a 4th-century Egyptian mathematician. … Read more

Images of Black Hole in Milky Way’s Center Finally Captured

> Images of Black Hole in Milky Way’s Center Finally Captured – YouTubeΣχετικά μεΤύποςΠνευματικά δικαιώματαΕπικοινωνήστε μαζί μαςΔημιουργοίΔιαφήμισηΠρογραμματιστέςΌροιΑπόρρητοΠολιτική και ασφάλειαΤρόπος λειτουργίας του YouTubeΔοκιμάστε νέες λειτουργίες .