Allianz will pay 6 billion dollars to settle a litigation on fraudulent practices in the United States

It is a colossal sanction that falls on the insurance group, Allianz. The policeman of the American Stock Exchange, the SEC, announced Tuesday that the giant of the insurance Allianz had agreed to pay him more than a billion dollars to the authorities to settle a dispute relating to fraudulent practices of its subsidiary of … Read more

Buitoni apologizes for a 20 euro voucher offered to an affected family

The Nestlé brand acknowledged a mistake and said “to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” The family of a little girl contaminated with E. coli bacteria after eating a Buitoni pizza received a 20-euro voucher for this Nestlé brand, which its officials acknowledged on Monday by pleading the error. “This should not have been done … Read more

In the United States, employees in a position of strength

American companies are short of manpower. The ILWU, one of the strongest unions in the country, is in a strong position to win higher wages and better working conditions. Washington Correspondent The negotiations which have just opened between the union of 22,000 dockworkers on the west coast and the operators of the largest American ports … Read more

In the United States, the dismay of parents faced with the shortage of baby milk

In question, the supply problems accentuated by the closure of a factory of the manufacturer Abbott. The case took a political turn. “Creepy”, “frustrating”. It’s an unimaginable stressful situation for many American parents: The United States is experiencing a very rare shortage of baby milk. In question, the supply problems accentuated by the closure of … Read more

reversing the right to abortion would have “adverse” consequences for the economy, warns the Treasury Secretary

The US Supreme Court’s 1973 “Roe vs. Wade” decision “helped increase labor force participation,” recalled Janet Yellen. A reversal of the right to abortion in the United States would have consequences “very bad for the economypreventing women from continuing their education and earning a decent living, increasing their chances of falling into poverty, US Treasury … Read more

US mulls letting Russia continue to repay dollar debt

The United States is considering whether to let expire or extend a sanctions waiver that allows Russia to continue to repay its debt and thus escape default, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Tuesday. Read alsoRussia finally escapes default in confusion It is “something we are actively looking at right now. We want to make … Read more

In the United States, inflation accelerated further in March to 6.6% year on year

“Energy prices increased by 33.9% while food prices increased by 9.2%” over one year, the authorities said. Consumer prices in the United States continued to rise in March, rising 6.6% over one year and 0.9% over one month, according to the PCE inflation index, published Friday by the Department of Trade. This indicator, the preferred … Read more

The nuclear emergency in the United States

Joe Biden releases 6 billion to revive a declining park. An investment that may not be enough. Correspondent in Washington. In a bid to stem the decline of US civilian nuclear power, President Joe Biden authorizes the distribution of $6 billion to a handful of unprofitable power plants. The sum is taken from the 550 … Read more