NASA Moves Ahead With Wild Solar Sail Concept

Artist’s conception of the diffractive lightsail. The rainbow-like patterns would be similar to how CDs exhibit similar patterns when held under a light. Drawing: mackenzi martin A project to develop diffractive solar sails has advanced to the third and final phase of NASA’s advanced concepts program. The team behind the project now has two years … Read more

Google I/O 2022: New features in Google Workspace | Informatic direction

Google I/O 2022 took place last week and, as usual, it did not disappoint. Google announced a whole host of new devices there, including the Google Pixel 7 smartphone and the Pixel Watch. And for productivity, it introduced a host of improvements to its Workspace tools. Image: Getty Automated summaries for Docs and Spaces Google … Read more

Ingenious Underwater Drone Can Transition to Flight in Less Than a Second

Robots have traditionally been purpose-built to perform a single, very specific task, but researchers from Beihang University are taking a much different approach with a new robotic drone that can operate underwater just as easily as in the air, and it features a clever, nature-inspired trick for maximizing its range. When you think of robots, … Read more