“It’s a sad day for the United States”, reacts Biden after the decision of the Supreme Court

In the United States, the right to abortion is no longer guaranteed everywhere. While the voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG) was until now legal on the whole of the American territory, the American Supreme Court decided on Friday June 24 that each federal state will now be able to choose whether or not to allow … Read more

a family infected after eating a Buitoni pizza tells of their ordeal

E.coli bacteria can be deadly in children and the elderly, who are more fragile. It also causes severe food poisoning in adults. Aurore’s family paid the price. She, her husband, and her son consumed it on March 21 and all were contaminated by the bacteria after eating a Buitoni brand Fraich’Up pizza. The couple were … Read more

A Nîmes man offers a year of free pizzas if you find him a pizza maker – Journal de 13 heures

On the menu today, a vegetarian pizza, another with chorizos or a year of free pizzas, if you find the future pizza chef of this restaurant in Nîmes. Impossible to recruit for almost six months, so Nabil Hazza, co-manager of the restaurant “Pinocchio”, is in the kitchen. In a humorous tone, he is therefore playing … Read more

The pizza world: the French stronger than the Italians? – Seven to eight

Frédéric, his son Philippe and their truck travel the roads of Seine-et-Marne, where they are known as the white wolf. Jérémy, the gifted, discovered himself late, after a first professional life as a truck driver. Fabrice and Virginie have also changed their lives and have discovered a passion for one of the most consumed dishes … Read more

Bread, pizzas, prepared meals: who is hiding behind the vending machines? – The Weekend Diary

They grow everywhere in our regions, in the heart of villages and along country roads. Currently, vending machines offer baguettes, vegetables, meat, eggs, and even prepared meals. But how do these distributors work? Who fills them? Are the products of good quality? Behind the majority of these machines are craftsmen like Guillaume Jacq. In his … Read more