Fed raises rates three-quarters point, biggest hike since 1994

The US central bank now expects inflation to be 5.2% this year, down from 4.3% projected in March, and will therefore make further hikes at upcoming meetings in 2022. The central bank of the United States, surprised by the acceleration of inflation in May, at its highest for more than forty years, raised its key … Read more

Inflation rises in the United States, so do Fed rates

Faced with inflation that continues to climb in the United States, even becoming Joe Biden’s economic priority, the American central bank is preparing to raise its key rates for the third time on Wednesday, and could accelerate the movement. The monetary policy committee, the decision-making body of the Fed, meets on Tuesday and Wednesday. A … Read more

Scientists Found Superworms That Love Eating Styrofoam, And It Could Be a Good Thing

Packing material, disposable cutlery, CD cases: Polystyrene is among the most common forms of plastic, but recycling it isn’t easy and the vast majority ends up in landfills or finds its way to the oceans where it threatens marine life. Scientists at Australia’s University of Queensland have now discovered that superworms – the larvae of … Read more

Dollar pauses ahead of US macro data

The U.S. dollar was catching its breath on Thursday, following its jump the day before, ahead of the release of U.S. macroeconomic data on private business payrolls and the U.S. labor market for May. Around 9 a.m., the dollar lost 0.31% to 1.0683 dollars for one euro. The day before, “robust US data and dwindling … Read more

Fed determined to curb inflation, several more half-point hikes ‘probably appropriate’

Managers want “quickly return monetary policy to a neutral path”. US central bank officials have said they are determined to bring inflation down sharply, and most of them estimated at their last meeting in early May that several more half-point rate hikes will be “probably necessary”. Read alsoWall Street opens lower while waiting for the … Read more

EUR/USD: the euro could continue to gain ground in the short term

Dollar case weakens as ECB toughens tone Longer term, the outlook for EUR/USD remains bearish, but the case for the dollar is weakening with the ECB’s increasingly hawkish tone. The recent change in the ECB’s attitude with regard to inflation has had the effect of fueling expectations of key rate hikes by market operators, and … Read more

EUR/USD: the euro is trying to gain ground against the dollar

EUR/USD could bounce up to $1.0637 in the short term From a technical analysis perspective, EUR/USD looks set to gain momentum since the week after returning to major long-term support at $1.0340. It is an extremely important support, because it is the only one blocking the threshold of the euro/dollar parity. A pullback below $1.0340 … Read more