In the spotlight: the United States in shock after the carnage in an elementary school in Texas

Published on : 05/25/2022 – 14:52 Here is America plunged back into the endless nightmare of mass shootings in schools “, Write the washington postjust ten days after the racist carnage in Buffalo, yesterday’s shooting at Ulvade Elementary School is the ” Worst school massacre since Sandy Hook 10 years ago “, underlines for his … Read more

Faced with geopolitical risk, Volkswagen wants to strengthen in the United States

The German car giant Volkswagen confirmed on Wednesday its ambition to more than double its market share in the United States, a region neglected in recent years but which is gaining importance in a “increasingly polarized world“. Read alsoWar in Ukraine disrupts BMW and Volkswagen After a first quarter marked by a 100% jump in … Read more

the United States chairs in Germany a meeting to arm Ukraine

Published on : 04/26/2022 – 05:03 About 40 countries are meeting in Germany on Tuesday, at the invitation of the United States, to strengthen the defense of Ukraine, which, according to US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, “can win” against Russia, if we gives him the means. Follow our live. 2:44 a.m .: London removes … Read more