How To Watch Boeing’s Starliner Capsule Attempt ISS Docking

Conceptual view of Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner.Picture: Boeing It was a picture perfect launch of a ULA rocket Thursday evening at Cape Canaveral in Florida. The payload, a Boeing Starliner spacecraft, is now en route to the International Space Station, despite a bumpy orbital insertion burn. The capsule will attempt to dock at the orbital outpost … Read more

NASA Suspend ISS Spacewalks, Spacesuits Leaking Water

There have been more than 200 spacewalks outside the ISS since it launched in 1998.Picture: NASA It might be time for NASA to ditch its aging ISS spacesuits. The space agency announced a pause to all its spacewalks until it has a better handle on a lingering and frightening issue that’s causing water to leak … Read more

Voyager 1 Space Probe Is Suddenly Sending NASA Wacky Data

Voyager 1 is nearly 14.5 billion miles from Earth and continues to hurtle out of the solar system at about 38,000 miles per hour. But NASA engineers working on the 44-year-old spacecraft have recently been vexed by the probe’s articulation and control system, which is generating data that appears to be completely random. “A mystery … Read more

Ingenious Underwater Drone Can Transition to Flight in Less Than a Second

Robots have traditionally been purpose-built to perform a single, very specific task, but researchers from Beihang University are taking a much different approach with a new robotic drone that can operate underwater just as easily as in the air, and it features a clever, nature-inspired trick for maximizing its range. When you think of robots, … Read more

Rocket Launches May Be Polluting Our Atmosphere in New Ways

SpaceX, Blue Origin, and a host of other private companies helped to make 2021 the year with the most space launches in history, but scientists say this mad dash to space could be causing further damage to our atmosphere. The number of launch attempts has lined in the last decade. And after counting all of … Read more

This Space Rock’s Weird Chemistry Suggests It Came From a Supernova

In 1996, a rock from space was found in southwestern Egypt’s Great Sand Sea. The rock was odd, even by extraterrestrial standards, and a team of researchers studying the rock’s chemistry now propose that it came from a supernova—the brilliant, explosive collapse of a star. The rock is named Hypatia, after a 4th-century Egyptian mathematician. … Read more

150,000-Year-Old Human Tooth Is Rare Evidence of the Extinct Denisovans

The suspected Denisovan molar. Photo: F.Demeter et al., 2022 Paleontologists in Laos have uncovered an ancient molar that likely belonged to a young Denisovan girl. The discovery is a big deal, as the Laotian cave in which the molar was found is now one of only three spots known to host these enigmatic humans. In … Read more

The InSight Mars Lander Mission Will End This Year, NASA Says

NASA officials announced in a press conference today that the InSight lander on Mars will likely stop operating at the end of 2022, following three years of scientific work on the surface of the Red Planet. InSight arrived on Mars in November 2018, and during its time on the Martian surface it has collected remarkable … Read more

Billionaires on the ISS Weren’t Expecting to Work So Hard

Ax-1 Commander Michael López-Alegría had to log in some hours during his stay on the ISS.Photo: Eytan Stibbe/Axiom Space If you’re one of a few people fortunate enough to be able to afford a $55 million ticket to space, the odds are that you’re not much accustomed to hard labor. Members of the all-private crew … Read more

Computer Powered by Colony of Blue-Green Algae For 6 Months

There’s “green energy” and then there’s truly GREEN energy, or rather, blue-green energy. A colorful colony of photosynthetic cyanobacteria, known as blue-green algae, have successfully powered a computer microprocessor for longer than six months, according to a study published Thursday in the journal Energy & Environmental Science. The little bio-based battery-alternative could serve as a … Read more