The best pizzeria in Europe is in Paris and it offers pizzas from 10 to 21 euros

This year again, the best pizzeria in Europe is French, and even Parisian! And it’s still thanks to chef Giuseppe Cutraro. His restaurant Peppe was re-elected this Thursday, May 12 “Best pizzeria in Europe 2022” in the prestigious Italian ranking 50 Top Pizza which makes its list of the best pizzerias on the continent every … Read more

The best Regina pizza in Paris is located in the 10th arrondissement and it costs 14 euros

It’s official: the best Regina pizza in Paris in 2022 is at the pizzeria Da Giuseppe located at 76 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière in the 10è arrondissement. This prestigious title goes to him after the deliberation of a jury of experts on Monday May 16 as part of the first edition of the Cultural Festival … Read more

Pizza, a great classic, adapted by Jean-Luc Gadreau

Pizza is both a simple and sophisticated dish, improvised with leftover bread dough and a few ingredients or made with a carefully studied dough, kneaded several days in advance with little yeast. Then begins a long fermentation, several days for some pizza makers! All these steps then make it possible to obtain a digestible pizza, … Read more

Tradi Pizza sets up in Wapi: chef’s pizzas ready in three minutes!

By Jordan Kasier Journalist at Nord Eclair | Published on 05/17/2022 at 17:32 Since last Friday, machines have been installed in Mouscron, Estaimpuis, Ramegnies-Chin and Tournai. Inside, fresh pizzas, concocted by chef Claudio Guggino, which are ready in three minutes. *** ****** **** ** ***** *********** **** ** **** *** ***** * **** ** **** … Read more

Buitoni apologizes for a 20 euro voucher offered to an affected family

The Nestlé brand acknowledged a mistake and said “to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” The family of a little girl contaminated with E. coli bacteria after eating a Buitoni pizza received a 20-euro voucher for this Nestlé brand, which its officials acknowledged on Monday by pleading the error. “This should not have been done … Read more

25 days of coma for a young Beauvaisienne aged only 9 months

MISCELLANEOUS FACTS After a long stay at the Amiens hospital center, Inaïa was able to find her family cocoon on April 4. His parents have filed a complaint and are demanding justice. Posted on 05/13/2022 at 17:54 Yoann Roche Sorry ? It’s a choice ?? Any form of contraception should be free, for both women … Read more

The best pizzeria in Europe stays in Paris

Peppe, in the 20andby Neapolitan Giuseppe Cutraro, wins, for the second consecutive year, the ranking of the transalpine guide 50 Top Pizza outside La Botte. Bis repeat! The title of best pizzeria in Europe – outside Italy – remains in France. Presented Thursday evening at the San Babila theater in Milan, it returns, for the … Read more

In Le Mans, the Pizza Pop’s pizzeria opens in La Croix-de-Pierre

“We have completely redesigned the old pizzeria that was there before, explains Anrfane Combo, one of the three partners. We chose the name Pizza Pop’s in reference to an American series. » The new brand, located rue des Maillets in Le Mans (Sarthe), offers pizzas, salads, starters and sandwiches, as well as classic drinks, available … Read more

56 cases confirmed by health authorities

Health Public Health France establishes this Tuesday, in its latest report, 56 confirmed cases of “hemolytic and uremic” syndrome (HUS) and infections with the E. Coli bacterium in connection with the pizzas of the Fraîch-Up range of Buitoni. Other cases are still being investigated. Posted on 05/11/2022 at 12:48 I am very attentive to everything … Read more