Google News has reopened in Spain almost eight years after it closed

Google announced Wednesday the reopening in Spain of its news service Google News, closed eight years ago, following the transposition into Spanish law of the European directive on “neighbouring rights” of the media. “After a break of almost eight years, Google News returns to Spain”, announced on its blog the Spanish branch of the American … Read more

In the United States, the tech giants are up against a bill aimed at regulating their practices

In one month, tech lobbies spent nearly $15 million on ads against this text. If an industry’s concern is measured by its lobbying campaigns, then the US tech sector is deeply concerned about a bipartisan bill about to be considered by the Senate. According to the wall street journalthe representative organizations of Silicon Valley, protesting … Read more

When the fuel boom weighs on the American economy

AFP, published on Sunday, June 12, 2022 at 06:45 The record prices at the pump in the United States inflate the bill for motorists but also have repercussions on many parts of the economy, straining the budget of truckers, pushing up plane tickets or reviving interest in electric cars . They crossed a new threshold … Read more

the complaint for rape against Cristiano Ronaldo dismissed

The civil complaint for rape against Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo filed by a former American model in the United States has been dismissed by an American judge, according to the court decision consulted on Saturday by AFP. A Nevada court judge dismissed the case on Friday over alleged wrongdoing against plaintiff attorney Kathryn Mayorga, who … Read more

21 cases in the United States, more than 700 worldwide (American authorities)

US health officials said Friday they had 21 cases of monkeypox in the United States, where the disease may have started to spread locally, and were aware of more than 700 cases worldwide. Of the cases present in the United States, 20 have been detected in 11 states, and another has been detected and infected … Read more

Refineries, bottleneck which aggravates the soaring of gasoline in the United States

AFP, published on Sunday, May 29, 2022 at 06:45 Despite record gasoline prices in the United States, American refineries are unable to catch up with demand, due to a lack of sufficient capacity, after a series of closures in recent years, contributing to the surge in fuel prices. Last week, the utilization rate of refineries … Read more

present in almost every home

A quick look at the evolution of video streaming in recent years in the USA, with ever-increasing growth. According to a recent study by Hub Entertainment Research, the number of subscriptions to a video streaming service in the United States has reached an almost universal equipment rate, with 89% of households equipped in 2022, i.e. … Read more

household financial health at its highest end of 2021, before Omicron and inflation

The financial health of American families was, in the fall of 2021, at its highest in almost a decade, before the Omicron variant weighed on the economy and inflation slashed purchasing power, according to a Fed study released Monday. The general standard of living was, at this time,at the highest“Since the study was created in … Read more