the United States still at full employment in April

Despite the return of inflation, the American economy continues to create many jobs. The unemployment rate remained at 3.6% in April.

The job market confirmed its solidity in April, with an unemployment rate stable at 3.6% and above all stronger than expected job creations, according to data from the Labor Department published on Friday.

In total, employers added 428,000 new jobs to the economy, particularly in the leisure, manufacturing and transport sectors. This is more than the 395,000 jobs that were expected by a consensus of analysts.

The unemployment rate, calculated on the basis of a separate survey, therefore stood at 3.6% in April, like the previous month, while the consensus was counting on a decline to 3.5%.

The Labor Department report shows average hourly wages rose 0.3% last month after rising 0.5% (revised) in March. Over one year, the average salary saw its progression slow down slightly in April, to 5.5% after 5.6% the previous month.

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