US ready to use force to defend Taiwan if China invades

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US President Joe Biden has declared in Tokyo that he would be ready to use force to defend Taiwan, thus seeming to want to get out of the American policy of “strategic ambiguity” under which Washington helps Taipei to strengthen its defense, but without explicitly promise to come to its aid in the event of an attack by China.

With our correspondent in Tokyo, Frederic Charles

Joe Biden made this statement at the end of his talks with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. The American president wants to tone up US strategy in Asia while Japan is determined to strengthen its military capabilities as part of its alliance with the United States.

The American president thus replied: yes ” during a press conference, ” if China invades Taiwan, we will come to its defense “. Then he brings this nuance: “ We agreed with the one China policy, but that Taiwan could be taken by force is not appropriate. The Chinese are already flirting with danger by flying so close to Taiwan. »

Dissuade China from invading Taiwan

This access of Joe Biden’s franchise relieves Japan, which would be on the front line in the event of an attack by Taiwan by China. The last Japanese island, in the very south, is only a hundred kilometers from Taiwan.

About Russia, Joe Biden says: “ It takes Putin to pay a heavy price for his invasion of Ukraine to deter China from invading Taiwan. »

Maintain calm economic relations with China

The US president is tough on the diplomatic front with China, but he is looking for appeasement on the economic front.

Joe Biden is ready to lift certain tariff barriers vis-à-vis China. Big American business wants neither an economic war nor a military war with China.

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