USA: rapper Ludacris receives an honorary degree

More than twenty years after having abandoned his studies to devote himself to his musical career, the American rapper Ludacris, whose real name is Christopher Bridges, is preparing for a very special ceremony.

At 44, he has just received an honorary degree in music management from the University of Georgia in the southern United States. Encouraged by his Gabonese wife and three daughters, the singer headed to the stage like a real star to deliver his speech.

“Every day when we wake up we have a chance and a choice to make. That goes for every human being on Earth. There were people saying that I wouldn’t come back. That too much time had passed. That I couldn’t make it as a rapper. That I need to get a job. Ignore the dream killers. They come and tell us what we can’t do,” the rapper said.

A multi-award-winning businessman, singer and actor, Ludacris receives this honorary degree for his philanthropic work in the state of Georgia.

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