We crashed at the delivery of Mister V’s diamond pizza

A few days ago, the news fell in our mailbox. Mister V, the man with billions of views and millions of streams, has just accomplished a new feat: that of selling hundreds of thousands of pizzas… after a joke that has come true.

The “Delamama pizza”, an invention born in the mind of Yvick Letexier and his sidekick Vincent Tirel, has evolved into two creations – the “Six Fromagio” and the “Royale Pouleto” – available in supermarkets. In just a few months, more than 700,000 pizzas have been sold. A small feat for this not really prepared marketing stunt.

To celebrate this record, Mister V – or rather Kevino Delamama – was awarded three awards at once: a gold pizza, a platinum pizza and a diamond pizza, at the premises of Universal Music France, in Paris. And we were lucky enough to attend this little event.

“I’m a bit like the Ninho of pizza”, he concluded during his acceptance speech, referring to the multiple certifications received by the rapper. Couldn’t have said it better.

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