Athletics – Trials USA – LIVE – The results – World record for Sydney McLaughlin – Sports Infos – Skiing

… Athletics – Trials USA … These USA championships sound like the great rehearsal of the world championships scheduled for mid-July at this same stadium in Eugene. Throughout this weekend, the American athletes will have to fight to obtain a podium, synonymous with qualifications for these world championships. The chrono could well panic! … LIVE … Read more

Gender discrimination: Google accepts an agreement worth tens of millions of dollars

Google has agreed to pay $118 million to settle a class action lawsuit accusing the group of discriminating against women in pay and rank in California, two law firms said. The agreement covers approximately 15,500 employees who have worked in California since September 2013, details a statement released Friday, June 10 by Lieff Cabraser Heimann … Read more

Prohibition of abortion in the United States: what consequences for women?

With: Anne-Cécile Mailfert, President of the Women’s Foundation. And François Durpaire, United States consultant for BFMTV, – Le Live BFM, from Saturday June 25, 2022, on BFMTV. Every morning, Philippe Gaudin takes the time to dwell on certain events of the day’s news. A moment of pedagogy and explanations using reports and visual elements to … Read more

Questions and answers on formal notices from the CNIL concerning the use of Google Analytics

In the context of the formal notice, Google indicated that it uses pseudonymization measures, but not anonymization. Google does offer an IP address anonymization function, but this is not applicable to all transfers. In addition, the elements provided by Google do not make it possible to determine whether this anonymization takes place before the transfer … Read more

fierce controversy in the United States after the decision of the judges of the Supreme Court on the right to abortion

By Paul Sugy Posted yesterday at 2:42 p.m., Update yesterday at 4:24 p.m. The current nine justices of the Supreme Court. Six of them voted to overturn Roe v. Wade, who had guaranteed abortion as a constitutional right in the United States since 1973. AFP DECRYPTION – Three judges appointed by Donald Trump are being … Read more

This Weird Star Survived a Supernova Only to Shine Even More Brightly Than Before

When it comes to going out with style, nothing comes close to the end of a white dwarf. Their thermonuclear self-destruction ranks among the most powerful explosions in the cosmos, forcing the star to wink out of existence in a blaze of glory. At least, that’s the idea. A discovery confirms some white dwarfs fake … Read more

New study solves long-standing mystery of what may have triggered ice age

At the beginning of the last ice, local mountain glaciers grew and formed large ice sheets, like the one seen here in Greenland, that covered much of today’s Canada, Siberia, and Northern Europe. Credit: Annie Spratt/Unsplash A new study led by University of Arizona researchers may have solved two mysteries that have long puzzled paleo-climate … Read more